Valerie. When I “met” Amy Winehouse. Ep I


This is a true story. it shows that the Magic of Life moves in a thousand mysterious, inscrutable ways and that is highly vain and foolish to speculate strategies in order to achieve something in particular, when, in the field of the pure Spirit, we not only have everything, but we are Everything. Always and forever.

The story also goes to show how the Dimensions we call Life and Death are but two rooms in the same building, amplifying and giving deep meaning to each other, in a relationship that only our total unpreparedness for subtle perceptions forces us to interpret with terror.

If you are reading these lines it means that this is the time for you to welcome this message, otherwise you would not be here now.

And it also means that you are grandly loved and seen.

Light and Energy to you,


It’s July 2011.

People only talk about a young English singer, who died at 27, named Amy Winehouse.

When the news spreads, I find myself sprawled on the sofa of a beautiful resort in Puglia - Italy, in full holiday mood, lazily scrolling my mobile screen. I read of this incredible voice, forever extinguished in her sleep by a fatal mixture of strong drinks. The media circus is on fire, with the usual images of flowers, candles and rows of

heartbroken fans in front of her house.  I personally only approximately know her as one of those weird characters, super pumped by media, just MTV stuff.

I remember thinking something like: "she had it coming" or something like that.

A moment of cynicism which I would have regretted bitterly, after a few weeks, almost like Saint Peter at the

triple crowing of the cock.

And that "rooster" was about to crow loudly, splitting my life - as a man and as a musician - in two.

I grew up in a peaceful, perfect family, full of love and harmony.

I was thirty at that time, an employee but also a passionate musician who had been since adolescence

keen on live music, recording sessions, communication and so on.

Like everyone, I followed a healthy ambition, I wanted to “crush it”, to break through. I would daydream about gigs, San Remo Festival and the like.

"Life is one!" "You only live once!" These used to be my mantras.

That summer, however, I was about to be transported to a completely different dimension, in which I would have understood in an unequivocal and disarming way that we live on infinite planes of existence, that the linearity of time is a mere perspective illusion and that what we call “death” is not the annihilation of life, but infact, its glorious explosion.

End of Ep. I

Valerio Mattei

Nov. 2020


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