lunedì 23 marzo 2020

A letter from Covid19

Dear Humans,

if you knew that I AM only one of the countless manifestations of Life ...
Just like you ....
If you felt that I never intended to hurt, let alone kill, anyone ...
If you looked at me and thought of me with the same tenderness that you use for your dog,
while continuing to protect youreselves, to heal yourselves, to kill me.

But you can witness a Miracle,
I'll explain how.

Embrace me.
Feel the Life in me,
which is the same Life in You.
Project a beam of Light
from your heart to my core.
Give thanks.
Take a deep breath.
Give thanks.

What you accept turns into yourself.

Do it in as many people as possible.
Do it with Focused Thinking.
Do it with Authentic and Strong Feeling.

You will see me change into such a form
not to cause death, disease or damage anymore.

And your Immune System will expand significantly.

Because what you hate weakens you and what, in some way, even if only metaphysical, you find a way to appreciate, strengthens you.

What you accept turns into yourself.

Love me.
Love yourselves.

Thank you,


(by Valerio Mattei)

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