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Alpha state - Lyrics

Free listen here - Ascolta gratuitamente Music and Lyrics by Valerio Mattei Alpha state it will open up your eyes it will change your way of life Alpha state when you go beyond you mind and you leave the world behind It’s a magic place that is laying deep inside where you find every guide, every light do you wanna play? It’s an empty space where you link yourself to a source to that power that creates worlds Once you find a way to the alpha state everything’ s alright Alpha state is the fastest way to fly leave your Ego back for a while and sail away meditation is the key close your eyes, relax and breathe It’s a shining flame that is easy to ignite it will throw you right out in the sky and it calls you name It’s an ocean wave that comes rising with the tide such a blissful inspiring delight when you take a break in the alpha state everything’s alright let it be alright! It’s a brand new d